Beware of Original Fakes October 13, 2017 October 19, 2017 Joshua Polanco

Louis Vitton is one of the few manufacturers who had a labeled zipper for their high-end handbags. It is one of the marks which could differentiate an original from a fake. This is a fact which many do not know. This shopkeeper who had a store in our city had made it his business to sell real fake bags. Many women bought them not knowing they were fakes. He was the smooth talker who could manipulate and charm the most stringent of ladies to buy his products. There were some ladies who bought them because they couldn’t afford the real ones.

This man however never acknowledged nor refuted the bags being a fake. He had many fake brands like Versace, Burberry and even Louis Vitton. etc. many we hadn’t heard of. But there were some customers who could easily identify a fake.

An acquaintance once tried to show off her one such copy. A fake Louis Vitton. This bag had zippers but without a logo. All Louis Vitton zipper bags have LV logo printed on the pull and many such minute details can be easily spotted to separate a real and a fake.   But there are some Louis Vitton handbag without a zipper. They are a little difficult to detect. But they are made to look similar. I don’t know how this is legal. But the shopkeepers proudly announce them as original fakes. Ladies too throng to buy them and show it off with pride.

Once a friend tried to lodge a complaint with Louis Vuitton and demanded an exchange because the zipper did not work, only to be rebuffed that the bag was a fake and was threatened with legal action for having a fake.

The originals can be only afforded by the elite few. Somehow I personally am not inclined towards such expensive shopping.  But some of the bags are exclusive in design and style. So for people who can shell out the money. An original Louis Vitton is a  bag to own. The leather and the style are so unique that it isn’t easy to make a copy.