If you feel you are cornered at your place of employment and you have not been given notice prior to your drug test, you might seek the help of a professional lawyer. However several organizations choose to do a random drug test and if it is already listed in your professional agreement then there is nothing much you could do about it. Your lawyer, however, could give you some heads up and ideas on how you might be able to clear some tests if you inform him prior to your tests. The tips he could give would be able to keep you clear of your drugs from all those tests.

It is important however to find out what kind of test you will be subjected to. There are several kinds of the test starting from a blood test, urine test, a saliva test, a hair follicle test or even a sweat drug test. Each test has its own ways of showing drugs in your system. It is hence important flushing your system for a drug test. In some states however marijuana is an allowed drug so you might want to find out what are you testing for. Flushing out mainly involves keeping hydrated.

If you are subjected to a drug test, the first set of questions your professional lawyer might ask you if you are a habitual user or a single time user. The time that drugs stay up in the system is different for both kinds of users. If you are not a habitual drug user and have used it as a one-off time then the chances of flushing them out of your system might be easier. If you are a single time user then chances that the drug stays up in your system is around 2 – 3 days.