There are many websites online like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc that are making a buzz in the social networking world. Each website has a unique reason to attract people. Each one has been designed with a unique feature and functionality to perform. And this way we have websites for all our needs and requirements.

It is not just these, but there were a few more which have now lost their identity in this wide World Wide Web may be because they failed to fulfill the expectations of people or may be the next version was a better and enhanced version which would have made the use of the old one meaningless.

  • Facebook – this is one very common and regularly used website by all. Through this, we get hitched with our school day buddies. Can you imagine a day without this social networking website? Or without this, would you have ever found and contacted your deary? Definitely, this would not have been possible if not for this website.
  • Social cause websites – there are also some special websites voicing for the attention of people for the social causes. For example, CRY is an organization that looks after the lives of orphaned children and they encourage people to be a part of it. They have their own website that explains their motive, objectives and the goals to achieve. There are campaigns to increase the video views and likes for this website because this needs to reach all irrespective of their reaction to this.
  • You tube – this is a very controversial website. It keeps in store everything in the world, just like Google where you would find answers for everything and anything. You tube is a video website that brings to you all videos, movies, and songs, both legal and illegal and hence it is the viewers who should put a limit to their access to this