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CQrecruit provides you with four inboxes to help you manage the applications you receive and to keep the applications sorted for future reference. The following inboxes are provided:

All applications for a particular job arrive in the unprocessed inbox. Once you have assessed an application, you can choose to move that application into one of the other inboxes for storage and future reference.

Applications which you are interested in can be shortlisted. Those which you are not can be rejected. Any applications which you are not sure about, can be placed in maybe for you to return to if necessary.

To access one of the inboxes for a particular job, simply click on the number showing for that inbox in the grid view.

Inside the inbox

At the top of the inbox you will see links to the other inboxes for the same job, showing how many applications are in each inbox.

Below this, you will see a number of lists of applications. For each individual application, you can see the applicant's name and email address, the date the application was made, the score the applicant received against your criteria and whether the applicant was invited to apply by you.

To view the details for each individual application, please click on "view application".

Applications can be moved between the different inboxes from within the individual applications view.

Screening and Sorting

There are three different lists that an application may appear in:

This allows you to focus first on the applicants who have the specifications you require for the role.

Within each list, applicants are then sorted according to their scores against the criteria set, allowing you to select the most likely candidates first.

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