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Screening Criteria

CQrecruit contains sophisticated functionality to allow you to screen and sort applications to focus in on the most suitable candidates first.

This works though the creation of criteria for each job that the Job Seekers will be rated against.

Criteria can be set for a number of different things as follows:

Lawyer Jobs

Non-lawyer Jobs

Screening and Scoring

Each criteria set can be designated a "Must Have" or a "Nice to Have" criteria. This allows the system to do two things.

Any applicant who does not match all of the "Must Have" criteria is unlikely to be suitable for the job. These applications are separated out in the inboxes for that particular job, into those who do meet the criteria and those who do not.

Applicants are then scored against the criteria, with every "Must Have" Criteria that the applicant meets being worth 3 points and every "Nice to Have" criteria that the applicant meets being with 1 point. Applications are then ranked in order of their scores, with the highest scoring applications appearing first. This will give you a measure of the likely suitability of each applicant.

Once you have added all the criteria you would like to use to screen and sort applicants, click on "Submit" to complete the job posting. You may edit the criteria for a job at any time that you wish by viewing the job description and clicking on "edit".

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