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General Invitations

General Invitations are for instances where you may not wish it to be public knowledge that you are recruiting for a specific position.

Once you have created a General Invitation, you can search our database of registered Job Seekers and invite any suitable matches you find to apply.

Creating a General Invitation

The first thing you must do is give the General Application Title and a Code. The Code is user definable and is used to distinguish General Invitations from one another when they may have the same Title.

You may enter any message you wish to inform Job Seekers as to the nature of the invitation and detail any steps you want them to follow when responding to the invitation. This may include requests for details such as salary expectations, or any other information you wish to have provided as part of the application.

You can specify whether you would like the applications to be sent to you email, and if so, to which email address. This email address will never be shown to Job Seekers, preventing you from receiving emails directly from applicants. Whether you choose to receive applications by email or not, all applications will still appear in the system, allowing you to manage applications after you have received them.

Once you have completed the form, click on "Submit" and you will then be able to invite Job Seekers to apply.

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